Enigma™ M4

Our Flagship Lighting Console


Enigma™ M4

Our Flagship Lighting Console


    • 4 universes via Art-Net, or 2 via DMX output


    • 20 playback keys x 20 pages, 15 faders x 40 pages


    • Limited edition orders include: custom road case, dust cover & USB gooseneck lamp


    • 7” TFT-LCD touch screen display


    • Backlit buttons (red, green or yellow) & encoders (blue)


    • Color picker & effects generator


    • RGB & CMY color mixing palette


    • Up to 1000 playbacks


    • Various built-in shape generator effects


    • Up to 400 groups, presets, macros, & shape effects


    • 5 custom priority levels for playbacks


    • Built-in library supporting over 8,000 fixtures


    • Regular firmware and library updates

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(*road case included w/ all orders)
gooseneck lamp
USB Gooseneck Lamp
dust cover
Enigma Dust Cover
road case
Custom Road Case






Total Control

Enigma™ M4 allows real-time control of 4 universes via Art-Net, or 2 universes when using its optically isolated rear DMX outputs. It also offers a 7-inch TFT-LCD touch screen, and fully loaded keypad command section.

Intuitive Design

The control panel provides 3-color adjustable backlit buttons (red, green or yellow), 4 backlit encoders (blue), 15 linear faders (+40 pages), and 20 playback keys (+20 pages) which make programming a breeze.


Enigma™ M4 offers MIDI I/O to connect it alongside other consoles, or trigger effects using an external midi device. Audio triggering can be accomplished with its built-in mic, or input audio using its 1/4-inch mono audio jack.

Backup Capabilities

It is equipped with an internal HDD to backup and store show data, and has a USB port to connect other storage devices. Saved user libraries can be loaded and used in other Enigma™ M4 consoles.

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