Snow Yeah!

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Snow Yeah!


    * Powered by 18x 1-watt cool white LEDs * Variable electronic strobe FX * Pair with SoC-It™ or wiCICLE® wireless system * Variable electronic dimmer * Controlled via 3-channel DMX and master/slave * Sound active mode in standalone and DMX modes * Microphone sensitivity adjustment in standalone and DMX modes * 4-button easy to use LED control panel menu * Aluminum mounting bracket w/ locking knobs * Able to directly power the wiCICLE® wireless system via DMX
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Impressively Bright

Fitted with 18x high-power 1W cool white LEDs, the SnowBlind™ is an impressively bright fixture. The fixture features full range brightness/intensity adjustment, rate of strobe (speed), and internal microphone sensitivity that are fully controllable by just 3 channels of DMX, or by its easy to use 4-button LED control panel menu. Sound sensitivity can also be manually adjusted by the sensitivity adjustment knob that's located on the rear of the unit.

Innovative Design

Take full advantage of Blizzard’s wiCICLE® wireless DMX system without the need for external power thanks to the wiCICLE enabled DMX jacks. An innovative design provides power to the system directly from the fixture’s DMX jack, meaning even fewer cords and less setup time. Users can use the SnowBlind™ in standalone mode or link two or more together to run in Master/Slave mode, making for a brilliant array of strobe fixtures!

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