NovaStar™ NovaPro UHD

All-in-One Controller

NovaStar™ NovaPro UHD

NovaStar™ NovaPro UHD

All-in-One Controller


    * Video processing, control, and screen configuration functions * Large loading capacity of up to 8.8 million pixels * Up to 8K output width or height of a single device * 6 x layers, 1 x OSD, 1 x LOGO, and 1 x BKG * 2 x layers up to 4Kx2K, 4 x layers up to 2Kx1K * Layer scaling and priority adjustments by z-order * Layer opacity, mask, copying, mirroring, and flipping is supported * OSD supports 4Kx2K, crop, opacity, image & position settings * Replaceable input card with four connectors, DVI or HDMI (default) * Set to monitor input sources, PVW, PGM, or mixed monitoring * Remote data transmission via a Gigabit Ethernet
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NovaStar™ NovaPro UHD

All-in-One Series

NovaPro UHD integrates video processing, video control, and LED screen configuration into one controller. It can receive a variety of signals, and process images with resolutions up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz and 8K×1K@60Hz. It's maximum loading capacity is 8.8 million pixels.

Smart Processing

The built-in Master VI smart platform in NovaPro UHD supports layer creation, property settings, and screen configuration via mouse, keyboard and monitor. It can send the processed video to an LED display through Neutrik Ethernet ports or by fiber optical connectors.


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